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Sno-Go Ski Bikes

The Fastest, Simplest Way to Enjoy the Slopes

A ski bike is just what it sounds like — a bike with skis instead of wheels. Easier to learn than skiing or snowboarding, you can usually get the hang of a Sno-Go Ski Bike in just a few runs, making it great for newcomers or those looking for an easier way to carve the slopes.

Sno-Go is also the first and only ski bike company endorsed by the Professional Ski Instructors of America American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI). These snow pros know the best products for having fun in the winter and Sno-Go is among them. For now they're in there for a few minutes alone because Sno-Go is America's # 1 selling ski bike. 

Benefits of a Sno-Go Bike

A Sno-Go Ski Bike combines the ease and feel of a bike with the fun of skiing. That's not the only reason to buy one, other benefits include:

  • Short learning curve: Most people get the basics within a few runs. It requires no previous skiing or snowboarding experience. If you can ride a bike, you can ride a Sno-Go Ski Bike.
  • Easier on the body: With a Sno-Go Ski Bike there's less stress on your legs, knees and back compared to skiing and snowboarding, making it a great alternative for those with previous injuries. It's also less fatiguing overall.
  • Chairlift-friendly: The Sno-Go features a chairlift hook, making it easy to get on and off with your skiing and snowboarding friends and family.

Where Can I Rent or Ride a Sno-Go?

As a Sno-Go Premier Partner, you can rent or ride a Sno-Go Ski Bike, plus get lessons from a trained instructor at the following Boyne Resorts:

Maine: Sugarloaf ResortSunday River

Michigan: Boyne HighlandsBoyne Mountain Resort

Montana: Big Sky Resort

New Hampshire: Loon Mountain

Utah: Brighton Resort

Washington: Summit at Snoqualmie

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Sno-Go Ski Bike

New to the world of snowsports? Intimidated by skiing or snowboarding? Then Sno-Go is perfect for you, as the learning curve is super quick! Most people get the basics after a few runs and hit the intermediate slopes by the end of their first day.