Alpine Touring Clinics

Our Alpine Touring Clinics are ideal for the outdoor enthusiast who is looking to get more out of their alpine experience.  We offer two different clinic experiences that combine the excitement of skiing Sugarloaf with the thrill of the wilderness in our sidecountry terrain on Burnt Mountain. The Alpine Touring Clinics are designed for advanced or expert skiers only who are able to handle a variety of conditions on challenging terrain. Both clinics emphasize the uphill experience as much as the downhill. 

Groups go out every Sunday morning. Please call 1-866-266-7081 with at least 24 hours' notice to make a reservation.

The Guided Experience:

Prior skinning and backcountry experience required.

This group will have minimal instruction and will operate on Burnt Mountain or suitable terrain. Participants will meet at the Downhill Supply Company Sunday morning starting at 7:30 if you need rentals, 8:00 if you don't need rentals.  Group will head to the lift for 8:30 and will return to the base area around 12:00

The Instructional Experience:

For the first-time enthusiast.

This group will include instruction on how to use equipment and proper ascending strategies. It will operate primarily in Broccoli Gardens and lower Burnt Mountain. Participants will meet at the Downhill Supply Company Sunday morning starting at 7:30 to get fitted.  Group will head to the lift for 8:30 and will return to the base area around 12:00


$100 For the experience 
$150 For the experience with full rental package* 
 *Equipment must be returned to the Downhill Supply Company by 4:00


Do I need a reservation? 

Yes.  You can make reservations by calling the Perfect Turn office at (207)237-6924 or by stopping by the Perfect Turn Desk in the base lodge.  You can make reservations up until 3:45 pm Saturday afternoon for the program the following day.

Where will we be going?  

For the Guided Experience our goal is to go play over on Burnt Mountain in the Androscoggin Glade.  If weather or conditions don't permit us to be over by Burnt Mt.,  we will explore other areas of Sugarloaf.    For the Instructional Experience, we will be initially skinning up through some glades in the Wiffletree chairlift area and will end up over by the bottom of Brackett Basin weather and conditions permitting.

What should I bring with me? 
  • Backpack
  • Layers to put on for when you ski down
  • Change of gloves (your hands will get sweaty)
  • Winter hat
  • Water
  • A snack
  • Helmet with goggles required

How should I dress for this?

 Skinning uphill is wicked fun but physically demanding.  You will work up a sweat so layering appropriately will make the experience more enjoyable.  Multiple layers that you can put on or take off to help regulate your temperature are recommended.  Bringing a couple of pair of gloves will help since your hands will get sweaty on the trip up.  Bring a winter hat to wear if you should take off your helmet while walking up hill or taking a break. 

I'm renting gear, what time do I need to have it back?

Enjoy the gear for the remainder of the day.  Please return to the Downhill Supply Company by 4:00 that day please.